Monday, August 8, 2016

So much done, so much more to do

I got to work in my room today.  The building was finally open after having the floors in the hallways waxed.  My husband loaded my car down with stuff from the storage building Saturday evening.  We actually had to take stuff out so that my kids could fit in it Sunday...I told him not to do that.  
I took that load to school today and unloaded it.  None of the big stuff is in there yet, so I'm just stacking things on tables. 

Speaking of tables, I was surprised to see regular sized first grade desks in my room when I walked in.  I was giddy.  There's so much more room now.  
I also finished the back area where my brag tags and birthdays will be.
I've got to clean that area real good and take down the clips.  Then I'll be dying my 120 chart in order to put my brag tags in it. If you don't know about brag tags, check out Angie Olson over at Lucky Little Learners.
I covered my cubby holes with washi tape that I found at Target.  It wasn't the best at sticking to this painted surface, so I had to staple in some places.  I broke my favorite possession in the old timey Swingline stapler.  Oh how my heart hurts.
I also got my Secret Story wall put up.  I was going to outline my boards with border, but the order I placed from a certain teacher store on July 29th hadn't come in yet.  So, I called them only to find out that everything was on back order for 3-4 weeks.  
NO CAN DO!!!!  
I cancelled my order and will be going to my local shop tomorrow morning.
I get my classroom key tomorrow and my ID badge on Thursday or Friday so that I can get in the building without texting someone to let me in.  Thank goodness because the sun is sitting on S.E. Texas right now and it's unbearable.